Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


want you!

Festival of Praise Auditions for Creatives 


CANA Level 3 | 8pm – 10pm or Zoom

Calling musicians, dancers, poets and all creatives! If you would like to participate in the Festival of Praise, do sign up in our form below!


December, 2023

Sequela Christi 2023

Franciscan Italy | 1-18 December 2023

Come and trace the footsteps of St Francis!


June, 2023, Monday

Franciscan Young Adults

Monthly Book Club

CANA Level 3 | 8pm – 10pm or Zoom

Book: Clare of Assisi: A Heart Full of Love

Written by Sister Ilia Delio, OSF

View our past book club here.

Ahead of the upcoming session please read Chapter 4: Image and Identity


June, 2023, friday


Saint Anthony Friary @ Church of Saint Mary of the Angels | 11am – 3.30pm

The Franciscan Young Adults has planned a Fraterni-Tea on 2nd June 2023! Falling on Vesak Day holiday, it’s the perfect time for everyone to come together and celebrate the diverse and vibrant bond our fraternities share. 

Come Join Us: 
– Thanksgiving Mass at the Chapel of St Anthony Friary to express our gratitude for the wonderful gift of friendship and fraternity at 11am! 
– A heartwarming fellowship and town hall following the Mass – fun conversations, sharing stories and creating lasting memories.  


May, 2023, Friday 

Franciscan Youth

Popcorn Night 

Fraternitas office @ Church of Saint Mary of The Angels | 730pm – 930pm

Come join us for our “Friday Chill: Popcorn Night” on 26 May 2023 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the Fraternitas office. 

Get ready to unwind, munch on some delicious popcorn, hang out with like-minded youths, and enjoy this time of fellowship. It will be a perfect opportunity to take a break from your studies and enjoy a night of fun and laughter! 


want you!

Join the Team @ Fraternitas

Fraternitas Office @ Church of Saint Mary of the Angels

Do you feel called by the Lord to serve in Him?

We multiple positions available both Full-Time and Internship opportunities.

Email admin@fraternitas.sg if you would like to find out more!